Now that the Interim Cable Car building is open on a regular basis, we need volunteers to be in attendance. If you have occasional spare time, even if only at weekends, you would be most welcome.

We will offer training and advice (as a first step, reading the material on this website will stand you in good stead). There will always be one of the Society committee present at openings.

Contact us at our email, and discuss; or, speak to one of our people at the site on an opening day.

The weekly schedule for volunteer attendance is listed below (we only use given names, to protect your confidentiality). The opening time is midday to 3 p.m.

Opening Schedules/Volunteers

13 to 22 June 2020

Stuart and Kevin show a visitor around
Frances and Bruce keeping watch in 111 Glenys, our roster organiser in 2018-19 

Steve serving at a Bunnings fundraiser

Gina, Deputy Chair of the Society, organising paperwork


Geoff tidies up Trailer 111